Original board builder Personalize the performance and graphics of your next board!
Personalized performance and graphics

Since day one, the idea behind Mad Tuna Boards is that every rider is unique and so should be the board. No matter what your preference is, the right board will turn any day into an epic session and leave you stoked and wanting more. With this in mind, we introduce our Original board builder where it’s you who decides all the details of your next kiteboard! Choose from a bunch of different styles, sizes and artworks to and get your dream board now! Still not enough? Write down all your preferences and details and we will find a way to build it!

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Or simply send an email with your inquiry and questions to hi@madtunaboards.com

Please send us pictures that you want to see on your board. Preferably high quality pictures or graphics. Designers can prepare and send us flat RGB images 50 x 150 cm 150 DPI or simply contact us for detailed information on artwork preparation.

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Choose a limited edition, original designer artwork for your new sweet ride. Only 5 boards are made with each artwork so once they are gone, that’s it! It’s also possible to include your personal details into the artwork, making the board truly unique. Check out the available designer artworks below:

Code: HON1601
Code: HON1602
Code: HON1603
Code: MTB1601

If you have a truly unique idea for your artwork, you can work with a professional graphic designer to turn your vision into reality. In this case, anything is possible and your board will be the truly unique - only one board is ever made with personal designed artworks! Check out some of the unique designs below: