Privacy key points

We collect the following personal data that is needed to complete your order efficiently and inform you of our news and updates that we believe you might be interested in: Name / Surname, Shipping address, Phone number, Email address

We do not collect any sensitive information, like credit card numbers, cvc numbers, bank account details etc.

The data that you provide when making a purchase (credit card numbers, etc.) is transfered to 3rd party payment provider and we do not collect it.

We will never sell or transfer your personal data that we collected with anyone without your explicit consent.

All the personal data that we collect will be kept securely in accordance with our internal security policy and relevant law.

You can always contact us to see what information we hold and it can be deleted or adjusted according to your demand.

Cookies key points

We only use cookies that are necessary to keep the functionality of our website and provide us with statistical data that helps us optimise the user experience.