Warranty key points

1. Mad Tuna products carry an exclusive lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of sale to the final customer.

2. Mad Tuna warranty is applicable to the first and original owner of the product and cannot be passed on to the next owners unless a written permission is granted from the company.

3. Mad Tuna warranty is applicable only when the proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, etc.) with an indicated date of purchase is presented.

4. Mad Tuna warranty follows a replace or repair policy, meaning that the company reserves the final right to choose whether to completely replace a product with a new one or to perform a qualified repair.

5. Mad Tuna warranty applies only to the manufacturing, construction or material issues that are inherent in the way that the product is designed and made and only when the product is used in normal conditions that it was designed for. The following issues are under warranty:

  • structural failure due to design issues

  • screw inserts pulling out under normal use

  • delamination of different layers without an impact causing it

  • any other issues that the company approves as being a manufacturer’s fault

6. Mad Tuna warranty does not apply to issues that are caused by the owner of the product by improper usage and also damage that might be caused by third parties. The following issues are not under warranty:

  • natural wear and tear from use (sand scratches, riding obstacles, etc.)

  • damage from impacts (hitting rocks, or other hard objects)

  • use of wakeboarding boots on products that are not designed for it (see product info)

  • natural fading and change of colors from sunlight over time

  • damage of the screw insert threads by improper use

  • any kind of rental or school use (kiteboarding schools, wakeboarding schools etc.)

  • any kind of unauthorized repair and any issues that may follow as a consequence

  • use of improper or broken different brand accessories that do not fit Mad Tuna system

  • use of improper aggressive cleaning agents like acetone, paint thinner, and similar

  • any other issues that the company does not approve as being a manufacturer’s fault

7. To apply for a warranty, contact the point of purchase or us directly (see contacts)

8. Mad Tuna reserves the final right to make the decision if the warranty is to be granted or not.

9. If the warranty is granted, the product is replaced or repaired free of charge.

10. If the warranty is granted, the defective product must be returned to the point of purchase or the manufacturer and the shipping expenses are to be paid by the customer.